Written Testimonials


My energy level has increased. My old neck injury has improved and I have fewer trips to the chiropractor. My posture is better than it has ever been.

REBECCA BRAMAN 51 Bookeeper, Gardener
My body has toned and I'm down a pant size. My flexibility has increased; my alignment is better, along with my posture. Pilates is helping me to correct a "flat" area in my midback. The excessive curve in my lower back has lessened.

MARY KAY, 41 - Dental Hygienist
One year and two months ago I could barely walk 50 feet from a back and spinal injury. I had lost body mass and all my strength. I was basically one-third paralyzed. After two months of Pilates with Mabelle at three times per week, I was able to bicycle to the top of Haleakala (10,000 ft. elevation) without any shortness of breath, even was able to carry on a conversation.

After 30 sessions of Pilates I was able to do some amazing bike rides in Moab, Utah, elevation 5,000 ft. to 7,000 feet. I seemed to have 30% more oxygen after just the first month. My posture has vastly improved, enough that people comment on my improved condition. Unbelievable posture! Back is back, chest is forward, and I'm doing incredible back and leg stretches. My body has never gone into these positions and stretches before. Every person could benefit from this activity.

JACK DIXON 56 Pilot, Contractor
I feel tremendous core strength which greatly relieved chronic back pain; and I also feel increased flexibility all around.

I have more overall strength and a tightened mid-section. I am aware of my posture more. I feel that I want my body to be aligned, and it always happens after a Pilates class with Mabelle. She fixed my sore knee. I recommend this to all my friends.