Written Testimonials


In the last 3 1/2 weeks I have lost 12 inches overall, reduced my appetite naturally by feeling fuller in my stomach because it is "connected". I experience much better control over my movements, which is helping me to be more in charge of my life. Hope has sprung up that I can become even more physically active and more fit than ever. Mabelle provides inspiration, precise knowledge and focus. Thank you.

I recommend this to anyone with low-back problems, overweight, new mothers (they so need to reconnect with their abdomen), anyone with hip difficulties, spinal misalignment, athletes who want to improve their efficiency, and anyone rehabbing from injuries.

SUSAN CURRIE 52 Massage Therapist
Pilates is a Lifelong journey that has just begun for me and I will do Pilates for a long time.  This system has taught me the connection between the body, inner sensations, psychological components, flow of energy and life force. Situations arise in our everyday lives, some maybe more challenging than others, by doing Pilates I am able to move through these stressful situations with a greater confidence and ease, because I feel more centered and calm.

Through the years as I work hard at my job as a chef or play hard when I'm catching waves on my boogie board I repeat movements that may not be correct. thus in turn causing pain in my lower back or having frozen shoulders, like I had before I started Pilates, I felt so old. Pilates is helping me to grow young again. I feel 10 yrs. Younger. I am learning how to change these everyday movements, not relying on my shoulders and upper body to muscle through a movement, but developing my abdominal core to give me more strength and power. When the body does become a little out of sync, Pilates helps me to realign the skeletal system and things seem to fall back in place and pain is relieved.

If this isn't fantastic enough I also lost 30 lbs. In 10 months, I'm jazzed and I'm thrilled that I'm being taught by Mabelle who is always there for you 200%, encouraging you, she's enthusiastic, and a marvelous coach always making observations of what your body is doing because she really wants to offer you a fulfilling session, by teaching the True Pilates, not some water downed version in turn upholding the value and principles of Joe Pilates in a professional manner. She is fabulous and beautiful too. I recommend Pilates to anyone who wants to Grow Young Again.