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ALL CERTIFICATION IS NOT THE SAME. The “Authentic Teachers” trained either by the New Work Guild or under Romana Kryzanowska herself (once together with the Guild) are the teachers that are most extensively trained, both in the requirement of hours and the depth of knowledge as preserved by 94 year old Kryzanowska, who trained with Joe Pilates since she was 19 years old.When deciding on a Pilates teacher always inquire about their certification and ask specifically how long their training is. Your teacher hopefully will say that he or she has over 600 hours of observation and teacher training as well as additional education and a year or more in a training center of some magnitude, so as to study many, many varieties of body types. Beware of teachers with weekend certificates trying to pass themselves off as the real thing.

How to Find An Authentic Guild Certified Teacher
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Mabelle was a professional beach volleyball player in her 20′s, who passed her expertise along as a volleyball coach for the Cities of Inglewood and Redondo Beach in Southern California. In 1980 with the move to Hawaii, she put her expertise from college swim team into surfing and coaching swimming at the Maui Country Club for ten years. She also coached at Seabury Hall and Haleakala School, where she eventually became a Physical Education teacher and Athletic Director. During the early 80′s she became a student of yoga and excelled as a 3rd series Ashtanga devotee.

Mabelle Bastien

In her own words: ”I always felt like something was missing, even with all that yoga, my body just wouldn’t move in certain ways. Pilates changed everything. I only wish I had found it sooner. It would have made me such a better volleyball player..”

In 1995 Mabelle started taking Pilates sessions, and was a devoted student of the practice until 2001 when she moved to Seattle to get certified as an Authentic Instructor. A move to New York followed where she trained with the master teacher, Romana Kryzanowska and graduated in June 2002.

She taught mat classes at Maui Community College during several terms, at the Horseback Riding Center in Makawao, and finally returned to the Maui Country Club. She currently teaches Pilates Mat Class twice a week.Additionally she teaches private Pilates Sessions on machines at the Paia location of Pilates On Maui.

Mabelle brings to her students a lifetime of watching the subtleties of movement as well as a deep understanding of the Pilates principles as taught by Joe Pilates. She is fluent in Spanish, conversational French, has dabbled in Master’s Swimming, Marathon running, tennis competition, soft sand running and is an expert surfer.

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