Written Testimonials


Thank you , Pilates on Maui , for teaching me how to gain strength in my core to support my back. When I came to you twelve weeks ago, I had just receive an MRI on my lower back which indicated that my L4, L5 and S1 were degenerated with a moderate bulge. I could not surf without major pain and everyday was a struggle. With in 3 weeks of private lessons there was a noticeable difference, and now any pain occurs it is easily corrected by doing mat work . Thank you Mabelle for being a great coach. Mahalo, John Gangini

JOHN GANGINI Surfer and Champion Paddler
After 35 sessions, 3 times a week, I have felt a great sense of strength everywhere. It amazes me how many muscles Pilates touches, especially the ones my other sports don't. It also give you extra flexibility that I am not used to with my normal sports. I feel I am sleeping less, because I sleep so well, and I definitely have a lot more energy. I am hooked and would recommend it to any serious athlete. Anyone who is committed to being fit, if you are consistent with Pilates, you will be addicted.

KATIE NAISH 41 Kiteboarder/Self-employed
I have done Pilates for one year, one time a week with Mabelle and I work out by myself once a week. I have experienced significant changes in posture, alignment, pain level, energy level, flexibility, strength and sleep. Especially there is strength and new flexibility. Unlike Yoga, which I took three times a week for four years, in one year with Mabelle I have made more noticeable progress than four years with Yoga. I recommend it to all of my friends as well as my clients.

CYNTHIA PARTON 55, Aesthetician
My experience with the Pilates system is fantastic. I wish insurance would allow it for reconditioning after injuries.

For 12 months my back and hip and legs hurt almost every day and after strenuous exercise. Walking was difficult due to hip pain. My insurance denied me physical therapy after 2 months of bed rest following a car accident while seven months pregnant. I was induced 40 weeks because my pain was so great I couldn't walk.. After moving to Maui I searched for private instruction in core strengthening. Mabelle was the only who returned my call. After my FIRST SESSION with Mabelle I had 80% pain relief. The next months were difficult and I had to take a break for several weeks after each 5 or 10 sessions due to changes that increased my pain. MRI, neg, x-rays neg, nerve studies neg, they told me there was no explanation for my condition but cleared me to continue with Mabelle.

I grew stronger, leaner, straighter and 3 out of 4 days or more, I was pain free. Mabelle is awesome! She has good intuition about the human body and its muscle structure. She helped me more than anyone and I wish I didn't have to stop because I came so far. I felt great while I was her student. It is clear Mabelle loves what she does and her students!

With medical clearance and a partnership between your doctor's care and Mabelle, I would recommend Pilates for all in Physical recovery. Keep your skills up Mabelle!

LESLIE JOHNSEN 42, Mother of 2 small boys
I am amazed at the inner strength I've gained by doing Pilates. I'm in the landscaping business so my body takes quite a beating. I'm always dealing with minor back and neck injuries of some sort, soreness and stiffness. But things are different for me after just five months of Pilates. I have a new strength.

Now I feel like my strength inside is equal to the external pressures from work and the wear and tear of every day life. I still work just as hard but I've learned to use my body more efficiently. Now, I'm not as sore, I'm more solid, coordinated, more in alignment. Pilates also focuses on flexibility, elongation and grace. You feel more beautiful, confident when you're strong. I feel like a ballet dancer even when I'm running my chainsaw!

I'd recommend this type of discipline to anyone really. Anyone who wants to train their body to function better, feel better, look better. Anyone with pain or injuries can learn at their own pace to gain core strength necessary to help the body heal and become more resistant to future injuries and soreness. Young ones can especially benefit from this body training and set the stage for life for a better functioning body.

ARLENE TAUS, 37, Arborist